sveti erazmo liturgija 2018


As he turned out as lover of the Lord, he took the cross on his shoulder, followed Him, and thus ended his life. He has revealed the Gospel clearly and genuinely, and in Ohrid he enlightened all nations. Therefore, honored with divine wreaths, you have received holiness, glorious Saint Erasmus. That's why we are calling you to: Pray to Christ the Lord to forgive our sins, we who with love are celebrating your holy memory. Amen

The thought of wrong life and passing glory does not deter you, blessed Saint Erasmus, you rose to the heavens as disembodied. And now you are standing before the Bishop and, with the angels, pray continually to save us from all the pain. Amen

"Crown of grace you have received from God for your sufferings, wise Erasmus, and crowned you ran to Christ, Whom you desired constantly, after you rejected the decay, and said: For all the work of the Lord, bless the Lord"
- A song from the Canon of Utrecht on St. Hieromartyr Erasmus of Ohrid

Filled with miracles, as a river that poured out a healing from the heaven, blessed Saint Erasmus, healed all the diseases, resurrected a dead man and persecuted the rage. He embarrassed the wrath of Diocletian and Maximilian. Therefore received a triple crown, from the hand of Christ the Lord. Constantly pray to Him for us to give us forgiveness of our sins, we who with love are celebrating your honorable memory.

Those who respect you, St Erasmus, and call you as a supporter, save them from the visible and invisible enemies, from all distress and all kinds of misery, with your prayers. Amen


Selected articles

St Erasmus Brought Me Back To Life

When I was 4-5 years old, in 1974 or 1975 (my mother can't exactly remember), from June 10th I was on holiday with my parents in Ohrid, at the resort "Andon Dukov". I was happy and cheerful. But one or two days before the holiday of St. Erasmus of Ohrid, when we...
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Two friends from Veles came to Ohrid for a summer vacation. They camped in the auto camp "Elesec". When their vacation ended, they were getting ready for a return. On the eve of the day of their return, one of the friends, the night in his dream, dreamed as if he was...
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Proposing In The Cave Church

One girl Elena, from Skopje, with her mother and her sister, came to this monastery a year ago. I had not yet opened the cave church. They asked me for the key to open it. There they prayed to St. Erasmus to help them to marry Elena's sister, but they prayed for Elena...
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Saint Erasmus Was With Me

In the winter of 2000, I was returning from Skopje with a car loaded with materials for my company. It was a big storm, and I was alone. In Gostivar, the police didn't allow traveling to Kichevo. They also warned me, pointing to the dangers of the loaded car. However,...
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Saint Erasmus Saved Citizen Of Struga

One citizen of Struga, at the age of 22, was in Ohrid with his car. On the way back, at the motel of Kocarev, the car turned backward. It went left and right, whether it will turn over, whether it will get out of the road. He found himself in front of the entrance...
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Saint Erasmus Gallery (14th and 15th June 2018)

Debar-Kicevo Eparchy

Gallery From The Monastery

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