One girl Elena, from Skopje, with her mother and her sister, came to this monastery a year ago. I had not yet opened the cave church. They asked me for the key to open it. There they prayed to St. Erasmus to help them to marry Elena’s sister, but they prayed for Elena as well. Elena soon married her sister, and she was already pregnant. For that good deed, three weeks ago, Elena returned here to thank St. Erasmus. She was also with a young man with her.

Now you’re coming for your brother? – I ask her.

No, this is my boyfriend. His name is Bojan, from Prilep.

There are many guys, but think about a life companion …

While we were talking, her cell phone ringed which was her mother to ask her if they had come to the monastery.

After the affirmative answer, her mother asked if I was here at the monastery and whether Elena brought me something. Because they didn’t bring me anything, they left and returned after two hours. During that time, Bojan bought a coffee and, secretly, a ring. Again they entered the cave church. Soon, Elena yelled loudly. I ran to see what it is.

Bojan in the cave church asked me to be his wife and he gave me this ring! – Said Elena.

Yesterday (22nd of August, 2016) Elena and Bojan again came to thank St. Erasmus because he joined them, and they officially registered as a married couple! – said Ms. Vesa Grazdani on August 23, 2016.


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